Christopher (Chris) J. Spiers, PE
Senior Electrical Engineer

A well-engineered system is the foundation for everything. That’s my standard. Things can’t fail, and there always has to be a good backup. A submarine gives you a good understanding of the importance of that.

Bachelor of Science, electrical and electronics engineering
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina

North Carolina
South Carolina

When Chris Spiers is described as having a deep understanding of electrical engineering and infrastructure, it’s not hyperbole.

Chris started his career as an electronics and sonar technician on a FBM (Fleet Ballistic Missile) submarine continuously deployed between Charleston, South Carolina, and Holy Loch, Scotland. He was a construction electrician with the Navy Seabee Underwater Construction Team, installing cables and systems undersea and topside. As a civilian, he worked as project and electrical engineer on the AUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) project, specifying and installing offshore black-ops-equipped radar towers and hydrophone systems. He even helped design the twin 600V HEP railcar that powers the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train, the largest private railway in the world.

By the time he went back to college for an engineering degree, he’d been a field engineer for years. He joined Carlisle Associates in 2010.

Of course, Chris also has broad electrical engineering experience, delivering power to projects that include historic renovation, clean rooms, paper mills, biodiesel production, aircraft parts manufacturing, motor control systems, chip fabrication facilities, substation layout and design, and fire safety and emergency generator systems.

Clearly, Chris works well with others, whether it’s a small office project or a heavy industrial job – although he admits he prefers “the big stuff.” To make sure he also plays well with others, he’s an avid yoga practitioner, with plans to earn certification as an instructor. He keeps a weekend home in the Upstate, and when it’s time to go off the grid, he explores the Blue Ridge on one of his motorcycles. A former restaurant chef, he stops off at local farmer’s markets for ingredients and prepares home-cooked meals for friends.

Chris’s high energy, proven experience, and excellent communication skills help bridge the priorities of all project stakeholders, and his time and resource management abilities help generate maximum productivity. His thorough knowledge of power, fire alarm and emergency systems – and their optimum application to each project – not only improves safety but also enhances insurance and regulatory compliance.