M. Kristina McLean, MS, MLIS

The librarian’s job is to keep up, to know where to find exactly what anybody needs. That means there’s always something new to learn and do.

Master of Library and Information Science
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

Master of Science, resource utilization
University of Maine
Orono, Maine

Bachelor of Science, economics
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

Kristina McLean describes herself as an open book, but which shelf should she occupy? Novel, travelogue, parenting guide, art magazine, software manual, craft tutorial, language phrasebook, student handbook – any or all of these could shed light on Kristina’s life story.

A South Carolina native and pilot’s daughter, she spent much of her teenage and undergraduate years in Berlin, where she discovered an affinity for languages and a love of travel. A full scholarship took her to Maine for graduate study, and then marriage transplanted her to Treviso, Italy, for several years. Back in the states, raising two children, working as a teaching and research assistant, creating large format fused glass artworks for galleries and on commission, and earning a degree in library science occupied her for a few more. She joined Carlisle Associates in 2008.

In an industry that relies on instant access to volumes of information – from building and safety codes to legal and regulatory requirements to market research to vendor capabilities to product standards to historical data on every project and proposal – the librarian is the central resource for the entire professional staff and, often, for the firm’s clients as well. Kristina curates, catalogs, archives, manages and provides instant access to all relevant reference/support materials.

That’s not the same as sifting through the stacks. Most industry organizations issue and update technical standards and ratings systems in searchable databases, on specialty software, or via intranet, so digital literacy is critical. For seamless communication among clients and project partners, Kristina developed and manages the firm’s SharePoint site. She also maintains the digital assets for each discipline and controls the firm’s construction documents, vital content that has significant impact on productivity and quality control.

Kristina’s technical, organizational, research and communications skills keep everyone reading from the same page.