Civil Engineer

Making things better usually means stepping outside the everyday to look for answers. It can feel a little risky, but the rewards are well worth it.

Master of Science, civil engineering
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina

Bachelor of Science, civil engineering
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina

American Society of Civil Engineers

South Carolina

With a taste for adventure and a head for numbers, Wesley Harrison is not one to go with the flow. He figures there’s almost always a better way.

A Tennessee native, he only looked at out-of-state colleges to ensure he was queueing himself up for change. After considering a major in architecture, he tacked to civil engineering, where he could channel his aptitude for math and science into developing innovative approaches to real-world problems. The switch immediately felt right.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering, summa cum laude, from Clemson University, Wesley immediately began pursuing graduate studies in Clemson’s College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, earning a Master of Science degree in civil engineering with an emphasis on water resources engineering.

Protecting water quality and aquatic ecosystems in the face of increasing global temperatures, rising sea levels, and intense and volatile weather events, including frequent fires, floods and droughts, demands comprehensive, scientific approaches to stormwater management. In urban areas, rural environments, and everywhere in between, preventing and controlling the build-up and wash-off of pollutants is key to ensuring the viability of our land, atmosphere and oceans.

That’s why the ability to design, permit and implement inventive stormwater engineering takes deep technical understanding as well as the creative insight to identify strategies that are at once practical, resilient and dynamic. Wesley excels at visualizing and applying resourceful solutions that save our clients time and money while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

An avid outdoorsman, Wesley always enjoys trying something different, from travel to exploring on his road bike to sleeping in a hammock for a period of time just to experience the experience. In restaurants, he makes it a practice to order something he’s never tasted before, instead of choosing a familiar dish. He likes to switch things up. He’s found that’s the likeliest path to finding something better.